Art déco plate


Presentation plate for french « bûche de Noël »

The “buche de Noël”is a traditional Christmas- cake which is often to long to take place on an average presentation plate. Most of the time it is then presented on golden cardboard or on a wooden brat covered with foil. I wanted to make a special plate for this festive occasion.

a “buche de Noël”  from monblogdecuisine

I took inspiration in French art-deco magazines from the thirties (Rolls Royce, Man Ray, aeroplanes,…) and Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times and then designed this plate ending in rounds as if they where wheels of a machinery. The wood should be beautifully veined remembering the air-grill of the Rolls Royce or the Venetian store shadows in Man Rays photograph.

Inspiration poster about the plate for French bûche cake

Inspiration poster about the Art Déco plate for French bûche cake

plateau noir avec stries fond brillant

plank -Art Deco- dubbel rood

Another version in red gloss painted wood



presentation plate art deco

First I just cut out a wooden plate in a nice form and I imagined how nice it could be if it would be cut helped by some CNC tooling.

plate in stainless steel and wood

Then I adapted the design for metal industry with a more simple rectangular wooden brat and easy stamped out metal forms: a convienient and practical design. This picture shows you stainless steel and teak wood




Final design : silver, ridged, burned and lacquered ashwood

Now, I  introduced lines cut in a liberal formed brat. It is in burned and lacquered ash-wood : a more artistic idea about this design: Silver, ridged, burned and lacquered ashwood