“Blue note speakers”


Cubical speakers, hosting on the bookshelf. can that be a good design ? This creation asked for a research to obtain the best sound possible in a small space.

2013zhaut parleurs bleues 4

All the sound coming from the same source is better for sound placing in space. So I chose for broadband speakers. They integrate the tweeter in woofers center . These speakers have 22 cm woofer for deep bass, which I fixed in boxes that can be housed on a shelf. I made a box of 24 cm wide by 32 high and 36 deep, creating an inner space of 16 liters. that is remarkable for shelf speakers and big enough for these woofers. This prototype in agglomerated fiberboard reacts very well to sound vibrations. Inside is a bass reflex corridor. Following a period of testing different insulation materials and their positioning and different bass reflex options, we distilled the final design.

speaker nils blue note

With Sony, Sure-electronics and Technics amplifiers : the sound is now very good and well balanced. The instruments are placed in width and depth. A complex music, like Prokofiefs’ Swanns Lake sounds clear and the various instruments can be heard individually, not as a sound soup. In Pink Floyds’ Time we hear the sound effects not only left and right but also from the depth to the front. The blue box is a sober design, but its quality has to be heard.