Industrial design

I was inspired from Ernst and Hilla Becker’s photographs.

I designed a teapot and some table lights, based upon the industrial landscapes photographed by the Becker couple.

E&H Becker

E&H Becker

Areva-edf tour refroidissement gris

EDF nucleair power plant

I wanted to make a teapot on a small stove and an incense smoker, like the following, but in a contemporary design.

holz weihrauch raucheerFurnace-rice-tea-set-electric-stove-anoectochilus-tea-glass-teapot-flower-tea

Inspired by the Becker photographs, I found these forms combining porcelain and crystal.ED theelicht en theepot 003 depose2

I showed them to some art directors and adapted then some further. It should match to the needs of a brand working only in glass and who wished no theiere glass

Then we talked more technical and commercial, and decided to exclude the teapot from this project because the company couldn’t make heat resistant glass. The brand director wanted to have some more table lights with the incense burner, and gave me also some technical recommendations for the feet.sketches glass table lights

Above : some of my sketches, which I then developed in a 3D CAD program.

two table lights with an incense smoker

two table lights with an incense smoker.