Ma chandelle est morte

executionwall 1

After the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks, I was of course shocked. After some days I decided to create something as to show my resistance. At first I thought about a funny drawing, following all those already existing. Then I thought I can make a caricature in a product. That way I designed a “pencil wall”pencil wall

But the ceramic factory I proposed it to thought it was “too shocking, his clients should feel at easy with their products at home”. I thought of it as an artistic statement.

ma chandelle est morte

I then did it all over to make it to a more poetic design: “Ma chandelle est morte…”. (Meaning : my candle light has died out…As some words from the famous French song : “mon ami pierrot”, ) Through the opposition between the candle, the pencils and the I phone, this thing tells a whole story about new life and old life, about drawing and computers, slow life and fast life, local life and globalized life,… It’s now more likely to be a mark of honor to the Charlie Hebdo draftsmen and their way of working.