The de-constructive washbasin


For a high standard Limoges porcelain manufactory I designed this washbasin. I inspired myself on Deconstructive Architecture, taking example on Frank Gehry, Etorre Sottsass’ Groninger Museum, recent anarchic architectural experience “the big crunch” in Darmstadt > the big crunch project<, and my kids tree-houses,….  Concerning the washbasin I first thought about decomposing the different functionalities. And about the overall impression this object should provoke at first sight. I wanted the first impression to be destabilization, questioning. That’s why it’s a hanging washbasin with a triangular credence top downwards.  The crossing angular surfaces forming the basin create the impression of chaos.

Practical use

I studied the angles so that the water would not splotch all over the place. Then I adapted the design for installation. I imagined the holes for fixing it to the wall, the place to get the plumbing through and the cover hiding the piping.

deconstructive washbasin cover



Production process

I thought about ceramic production. The huge wall panel isn’t easy to make because of the 13% retreat during drying and firing, but if that process is done on special support it is possible. The basin does only give the impression of being two crossing plane parts, in fact it is made in several pieces and fixed on the credence panel. These assemblies will be done before drying and firing. After firing and glazing it will be one. The cover however is made apart and will only be fixed whith a bolt, allowing intervention of a plumber.montage lavabo deconstructiviste

At first the wall panel with the basin and the fixture for the cover.

1: At first we make the wall panel with the basin and the fixture for the cover. (picture representing the washbasin before firing)


construction 2

2: Then come the two “wings” under the basin, creating the impression of two crossing surfaces. Then the whole goes firing in the oven and then it will be glazed and fired again.

The finished washingbasin glazed in several colours.

3: The finished wash basin glazed in several colors, with the cover hiding the plumbery.