BasZ design proposes you several services:





For each of these services I use a method which can be explained as follows:


In chronological order :

0.1)    note of intention

This is letter in which we explain one to another what our intentions are, once the project going.

0.2)    price offer

 This is the official document sealing our cooperation. For an example see here.

1)      Summary pre-project

This is where you will see the handmade sketches, but there’s a lot of research to do before sketching whatsoever:

1.1)    product brief

A document explaining what the product should be, and what it should not be. This is the projects guideline

1.2)    analysis

1.2.1)            concurential analysis

 I will look what the other firms do and sell, to make something different.

1.2.2)             in house analysis

I will look at your collection and your brand philosophy and techniques to make something which fits your company

1.3)    Design research

1.3.1)             historical and formal research

I will look for any document or information that can help me see clear in the history of that product. And I will try out several formal options to see what works best. Here’s where I make the first sketches.

1.3.2)             making choices

I will contact you again and present you my work until then. We will make choices to keep only some sketches, or a combination of solutions to work on.

2)      Detailed pre-project

The detailed pre-project comes out of one of the sketches and can still evolve to something very different. For me as a designer, I am no longer searching for any design, but I am searching for the best,    offering the best solution at the choice we made after the summary pre-project. I go working on CAD.

3)      Final pre project

3.1)    The final design and making a collection

From the detailed pre-project we will choose the design and I will then choose the formal signs of that design. Those particular signs can be used on other products to make a range of products

3.2)       technical development

Although I already designed the product for your factory thinking about the techniques all the time, I will adapt the designs further to the techniques you can use in your factory.

3.2.1)             communication about the construction process

I will make a document explaining exactly step by step how I think this product can be produced.

3.2.2)             technical drawings and CAD files

I can provide you technical detailed plans and CAD files

4)      Industrialization

During the industrialization process, (prototypes, research for materials or alternative techniques, partnerships), we keep in touch and I am willing to help getting the product on the shelves as soon as possible.


5)      Follow ups

Some products need follow-ups : packaging, a chest, a smaller or a bigger item,… The design process is the same, but because we already know one another, it goes faster.



You can ask me a detailed document explaining exactly how I work based on an example, or you can see the more summary design histories on this website.