Choices for materials, colors and surface finishing

If you’re a cabinet maker you would probably think about painting and veneer, a porcelain factory thinks about gloss or mat glazing or biscuit, a crystal manufacturer thinks about fine cuts or large cuts,…But what happens if the designer proposes stainless steel on a cabinet, or silver in-bedded in porcelain, or crystal on a marble base,…Suddenly your product wins in interest; Its surprisingly new. since you’re in your factory every day, surrounded by it’s techniques, you might have difficulties to take the distance required to propose these innovative ideas.  It’s important to have this external look from a designer on your products.

Colors don’t just com out of a pot of paint. You cannot just offer all RAL® or Pantone® colors to your clients. If you wan’t to offer the vision of design-brand, its you who has to propose a choice of colors. I can help you find the right colors. Around a subject as “the ocean”, “fruits”or “friendly atmosphere” I can make a panel of colors. They should match in intensity or brightness. Or be opposed to make high contrasts.

"leopard" seats : woolen cloth, aluminium,  copper coated steel

“leopard” seats : woolen cloth, aluminium, copper coated steel