Research to make a range of products

BasZ design can do the research to make a range of products, resulting in the effective design of those products.

The most common range of products are a range from small to big. But even if that seams easy, in fact it is not.

For example, you cannot simply blow up a chair, because the seat would be to high. But if you just enlarge it between the armrests it may look heavy. The proportions have to be thought all over again. A range of vases might consist of a first vase and then a larger one, another just higher, a fourth vase higher and larger. What makes them a consistent range ?

Then there could be a range of different products that should make a recognizable series.

A series of kitchen knifes would have so many different forms. But in the manufacturing you would want to have only two or three different molds to keep the initial investment low. How to handle that ? In a porcelain tableware service you can have up to 250 different products. Yet they should fit all together and make an harmonious impression on the table.

Building a brand

Maybe,  your company is making a lot of different products? You now want the clients to recognize them as belonging all to one brand, even if they are sold in different shops and websites. How do you do that ?

What I do

I can make a range of products from scratch, when designing a new product, or I can take a look at products you all ready have in your catalog and propose you the adaptions to make them a recognizable range. Making a range consists about choosing the nice detail or the overall look which we can apply to all the products in an intelligent way. Another way of making a range can be following a formal theme (trees,castles,the coast) making the range consistent by mental association. The bottom line is about making the looks of the products coherent, creating a group of products, creating a brand.

3 standing lights in glass and LED technologie

3 standing lights in glass and LED technologie. design Bas van Zuijlen Copyright 2014