The designer



I am Bas van Zuijlen, productdesigner.  I work for industry and manufacturers, creating high quality “low-tech” products. Product that find there use in and around the house, especially table ware items. When I say “Low-tech”, this applies on the use of the product, not on the industrial process. Very simple objects can be very complicated to produce, think about kitchen-knifes, a crystal vase or porcelain tableware. I believe the products should really bring something positive and lasting to the men and women who use them and to those who make them. Of course I work on the industrial process, the materials, innovative ways of making it. How to make a series of products in an economic and practical way. I take care about environmental issues : using less material or energy, a smaller packaging,…

A good product is good for everyone in the process, from the thinking to the final use. Circular Economics through the whole process of designing, making, commercialising, using and even when finally discharged and recycled. It’s a thing the designer has to have in mind all the time.

Bas van Zuijlen