Atelier l’Esprit Créateur

Atelier l’Esprit Créateur is  my ceramic workshop. I manufacture small series of porcelain utility ware such as plates, cups, bowls, vases, lights, chess-games, art-sculptures and even closet-waterreservoirs… Nearly anything possible in slibcast can be made in this workshop. I build the plaster model, the slibcast molds in one or up to 36 parts. Then the porcelaine is casted into the molds and ofter finishing and glazing you’ll have a high standard porcelain product. At demand I can also work in stoneware.

I produce and commercialise my own products. I also produce products for other designers and special demands for architects.

If you’re interested as a designer, architect, artist or reseller of designed table ware, you can contact me by mail :

bas.van-zuijlen AT wanadoo.fr

I can give you all details about the manufacturing of your design or architectural detail. Or send you a pricelist and product descriptions.

2nd and 3thof july I opened the workshop, visitors discovered my work

visitors discovered my work at the workshop