History and references

Bas van Zuijlen and BasZ design have a long history : Bas worked as an interior-decorator for offices as well as for private homes. And BasZ design was first started as a porcelain ceramics workshop in the town of Besançon, before turning into a design-studio and again a ceramic workshop when Bas’s family moved to Bretagne.

Some references :
in the ’90s with Ahrend and ASPA :

offices :Shell headquarters, Vopak-pakhoed, Thyssen-de Reus, Royal Vegetable Oil Netherlands-KNOF,

hoekloos industrial gaz headoffices

Still in the 1990’s :

Private housing in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Nijmegen,… ;

Making the prototype for Marcel Wanders spongevase at Ottink workshop

wanders sponge vase


In the 2000’s with “Collections Nicole L”.:

interior decorating for : Montbeliard Library, several offices (lawyer, notary, dentist, governmental, doctor, ingeneer), private houses, chapels, Micropolis restaurant, Villersexel hermitage restaurant,…

appartement à besançon

a private apartment in Besançon,

Bureau J. Nouvel et fauteuil A. Meda dans un cabinet dentaire.

Jean Nouvel desk and Alberto Meda chair in a dental practice.

Montbeliard library tables and seats Starck slickslick and baumann.

Montbeliard library tables and seats (Baumann) and philippe Starck’s slickslick chairs.








table aeronautique Jean prouvé tecta

A notarial cabinet in Pontarlier area, with Jean Prouvé aeronautic table.

2000’s At “BasZ design et Porcelaine”:

Porcelain for Conseil Régional de Franche-Comté, Besançon toys museum, Brasserie “la boulangere”, Keranova, , ceramics for shops in Paris, Strasbourg, Lausanne, Geneva, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Dijon,… I had exhibitions in Amsterdam, Besançon, Tilburg, Pontarlier, Paris, Keriolet Castle, Kerjean Castle, Nijmegen, biennale du design de St. Etienne.

CG 200o's new years gift, inspired upon the Salines Royales de Claude Nicolas LEDOUX

Conseil Régional de Franche-Comté 2000’s new years gift, inspired upon the Salines Royales de Claude Nicolas LEDOUX

porcelain chess-game for the toymuseum

Porcelain chess-game for the Besançon toymuseum “la Citadelle”

plate, egg bowl and cup

porcelain tableware designed in 1997, manufacturing from 1998 to 2002

St Etienne Biennal exhibition 2005: five pneumatic hammers, made ceramics and glazed in lead, zinc, chrome, cadmium and cobalt. (thanks to HB Henriot ceramic-factory for the firing in their killns)

St Etienne Design Biennal exhibition 2005: five molded pneumatic hammers, made in ceramics and glazed in lead, zinc, chrome, cadmium and cobalt. 

Cup and Saucer "water and air" in 3D printed porcelain for Shapeways.com

Cup and Saucer “water and air” in 3D printed porcelain for Shapeways.com

2005-2008 :

I also designed two ecologic and economic family-houses in Finistere-France.

ecological family housing

beaume de vinaigre001

Design for a porcelain vessel 100 ml for “Beaume de Vinaigre Balsamique” for Myriam Oddon. 2018

I now propose industrial design services

to firms such as : Riva design, Shapeways, HB Henriot, Tsé et Tsé associates, Osmunda design, Myriam Oddon, ….